Reciprocities: Essays in Honour of Professor Tadeusz Rachwał

ed. Sławomir Masłoń, ed. Agnieszka Pantuchowicz
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Wydawnictwo UŚ
dostępny (wersja papierowa)
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211 mm × 150 mm × 23 mm
twarda, tasiemka, szyta, folia matowa, lakier wybiórczy
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PN 3234
bibliogr., wklejka, fot.
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e-book, praca zbiorowa, księga pamiątkowa
angielski, polski
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Reciprocities: Essays in Honour of Professor Tadeusz Rachwał (całość)

01 Artysta w przestrzeniach przyrodoznawstwa. O wybranych praktykach Marka Diona

02 O tytule eseju "Watermark" Josifa Brodskiego

03 Więzy i więzi. Ości w "Ościach" Ignacego Karpowicza

04 "Ich mot wende in mi way": The Construction of Masculinity through Travelling in "Le Pelérinage de Charlemagne" and the Stanzaic "Guy of Warwick"

05 The Place of William Shakespeare's (Lost) "Cardenio" in the Context of the Late Romances

06 Borderlines/Ornaments in Eighteenth Century Classical Discourse

07 "Living On": On Smart, Cowper, and Blake

08 Joanna Baillie's Theatre of Sympathy and Imagination

09 Wordsworth, the Railway and "the riot of the town"

10 On Uselessness

11 Reading "Mrs Bathurst"

12 Travelling in Search of Spring: Edward Thomas's "In Pursuit of Spring" as Travel Literature

13 Traffic with the Enemy: The Traitor in Elizabeth Bowen's "The Heat of the Day", Rebecca West's "The Meaning of Treason", and Francis Stuart's "Black List, Section H."

14 The Spectral Difference: On Hauntology in Sarah Waters' "The Little Stranger"

15 On Haunting as Metaphysical Stalking: The Middle Story and a Piece of Charred Ectoplasm

16 "Skedaddle, Ellie": Feminine Mobility, Tourism and Capital in Graham Swift's "Wish You Were Here"

17 Spoilt for Choice? Self-fashioning and Institutionalised Identities versus "Being Oneself" in Contemporary London Literature

18 Audio-graphy: Meaning and Irrationality in Music