Romanica Silesiana

The main goal of Romanica Silesiana is to provide a forum for presentation and discussion to the researchers from the University of Silesia specializing in the literatures of those Romanic- and English-speaking areas where French, Québecois, Canadian English, Spanish, and Italian are used, as well as to the researchers of literary translation from these languages into Polish and vice versa. 

We are open to collaboration with outstanding specialists willing to contribute and take part in our discussion of the issues central to the subsequent editions.

We also intend to present the literary output of our colleagues investigating the issues of Canadian literatures in French and English and the literary translation into and from Romanic languages and English. Consequently, each issue of the review is divided into two parts: the first one consists of articles, while the other one constitutes a brief overview of several recently published academic works written by our colleagues from the Silesia University as well as from other university centers. The periodical Romanica Silesiana has been founded in 2006.