Hristo Kyuchukov

Hristo Kyuchukov, Prof. Dr., an internationally known expert on Romani linguistics and intercultural education, and for the last 30 years he has been teaching in Europe, USA, India and Russia.
His main interests are minority children bilingualism (Roma and Turkish), child language, Romani and Turkish linguistics, intercultural education of minorities, migrants and refugees, as well as educational and linguistic rights of Roma.
He has more than 800 publications in the field of linguistics, education, history and culture of Roma.
Kyuchukov is a well- known children’s books author. His book “My name was Hussein” got received many prizces, among them the “Best children’s intercultural book” for 2004.
For his work in the field of  Romani linguistics and education he was awarded by the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture (1998, 1999), by the President of Italy and Ministry of Culture of Italy (2001), by the Ministry of Culture and the Instituto de la Cultura Gitana, Spain (2015), and by  Amaro Foro, e.V. – Berlin, Germany (2018). [09.03.2021]