Mapping Literary Spaces: Memory, Place, Locality

red. Wojciech Kalaga, red. Jacek Mydla
Miejsce wydania: 
Rok wydania: 
Wydawnictwo UŚ
wyczerpany (wersja papierowa)
Liczba stron: 
240 mm × 168 mm × 11 mm
broszurowa, skrzydełka, klejona, folia matowa
Numer pracy: 
PN 2728
wklejka, fot., streszcz., Zsfg.
Rodzaj publikacji: 
e-book, praca zbiorowa
25,20 zł


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Mapping Literary Spaces. Memory, Place, Locality (całość)

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02 Tourist in His Own Country. Louis MacNeice and Ireland

03 "Written on the body is a secret code" — Body as Palimpsest in Jeanette Winterson

04 People on the Move: the Experience of Travelling in Seventeenth-Century England

05 Rootedness and Appropriation of Space in Barbara Kingsolver’s Prodigal Summer

06 Trapped by the Ghost of a Typewriter: David Basckin’s "The Rosined Areola of Mrs. Mtetwa by Bucks Campbell"

07 Mapping the Limits of Civilisation: J.M. Coetzee’s Waiting for the Barbarians

08 "Rust and must and cobwebs." Of Accumulation and Circulation in Dickens’s Bleak House

09 In the Name of the Father: Identity, Disruption, Difference. A Study of Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake

10 Defying Time, Celebrating Space — The Construction of Male Bonds in the Leatherstocking Tales by James Fenimore Cooper

11 "I saw new Worlds beneath the Water ly": The Gnostic Idea of Spiritual Displacement in the Poetry of Thomas Traherne

12 Remembering It in Our Bones: Marie Clements’ Burning Vision

13 "American history is parking lots." Place and Memory in Contemporary American Travel Writing

14 Images of the Hermetic Room in the Novels of Paul Auster

15 A City Girl at Heart: Constructions of Gendered Space in Chick-Lit Fictions

16 Mapping Shakespeare’s Catholicism: Spatial Clues Indicating the Bard’s "True" Faith

17 In Search of Emptiness: A Voyage into the Heart of Terra Nullius in Patrick White’s Voss