The Self Industry: Therapy and Fiction

red. Krzysztof Kowalczyk-Twarowski, red. Jarosław Szurman, red. Agnieszka Woźniakowska
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Wydawnictwo UŚ
dostępny (wersja papierowa)
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246 mm × 171 mm × 26 mm
twarda, szyta, folia matowa
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PN 3360
streszcz., rés.
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e-book, praca zbiorowa
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The Self Industry: Therapy and Fiction (całość)

01 Narcissus and Narcissism in Early Psychoanalysis: The Intertextual Dialogue between Theme and Concept

02 The Ajase Complex and Freudian Psychoanalysis: Some Notes on the Cultural Consequences of "Foundational Myths"

03 A Critique of the Discourse of the Self in Michael Sandel's "Liberalism and the Limits of Justice"

04 The Self in Temporary Autonomous Zones

05 De-Pressed Masses: Affective Dissonance in Melancholia, Disease, and the Screened (American?) World

06 Narcissus's Narcosis: Formation of Self, Disintegration of Self: A Question of Interactive Entertainment and Player-Character Identity Correlation

07 Doubling or Dividing the Self: Examples from Autofictional Writing as Influenced by Psychoanalysis

08 "Descent into Hell". Pauline Anstruther's Long Way To Her Self

09 "I change myself, I change the world". Storytelling in Women's Art

10 Writing to Preserve the Self: A Woman's Resistant Position in the Patriarchal Dystopia of Margaret Atwood's "The Handmaid's Tale"

11 In the Search of Self: Female Identity and Subjectivity in Doris Lessing's "To Room Nineteen"

12 A Therapeutic Journal: Peter Ackroyd's "The Last Testament of Oscar Wilde"

13 T(h)au for Torture? Writing on Trial in Teodor Parnicki's Novel "The Finger of Threat"

14 "In Violence and Epiphany": Seamus Heaney's "North"

15 Writing Cure? Narrating Loss in Kazuo Ishiguro's "An Artist of the Floating World" and "The Remains of the Day"

16 Neo-Nihilism and the Self Industry of Logotherapy

17 "So many pages a day". Writing, Compulsion, and Modernity

18 Unnameable Loss: Melancholy and Postmodern Writing

19 Illness – Therapy – Catharsis. Gender Roles, Camp, and Postmodern Identities in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"

20 Therapy or Obsession? Dante Gabriel Rossetti's Problems with His Self

21 Trapped in a Vicious Circle of the Tragic Triad… Miltonian Satan and Conradian Kurtz's Process of Unearthing Authentic Identity

22 Questioning the Cultural Industry of the Self: Fiction, Selfhood and Individualism in Patrick White's "The Vivisector"

23 I Am Not Me. The (Re)construction of the Self in Graham Swift's "Ever After"

24 Romantic Legacy in Non-Romantic Times. Two Different-Similar Approaches to Searching for Self-Identity

25 Frame of Mind. Self Industry in Performance

26 Venice–Iceland: A Journey to Utopia