Studia Etnologiczne i Antropologiczne

Procedura recenzowania: 
  1. The reviewing procedure for publishing an article in the journal Ethnological and Anthropological Studies is based on the guidelines from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

  2. By submitting a paper to be published in the journal the authors agree on adopted procedure  and  the rules of reviewing.

  3. In case of papers written in foreign languages, at least one of the appointed Referees is affiliated to a foreign institution (different from the author’s nationality). 

  4. The Editorial Board evaluates the form of submitted papers. Then, two independent Referees are appointed to review each publication. Referees are not the members of the Editorial Board and they are not employees of the research unit responsible for publishing the journal. Referees are academics holding post-doctoral degrees (habilitacja or the rank of professor). The Author’s affiliation must be different to the Referees’ one.

  5. All the papers undergo so-called double-blind review process, which means that authors and referees remain anonymous to each other.

  6. Review is in written form.

  7. The Referee’s written evaluation (review) informs about: a) rejecting, b) accepting for publication without changes in the text, c) accepting for publication after making  alternations suggested by a Referee.

  8. The rules of accepting or rejecting the paper for publication are available on the journal Internet website.

  9. The authors submitting their papers are later informed of the reviewing procedure results.

  10. The names of the Referees appointed to review certain papers published in the individual volumes of the journal are not publicly announced. Once a year the list of the Referees collaborating with the journal is published on the journal Internet website.