English Studies at the University of Silesia: Forty Years On

red. Danuta Gabryś-Barker, red. Jacek Mydla
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Wydawnictwo UŚ
dostępny (wersja papierowa)
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246 mm × 171 mm × 27 mm
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PN 3028
bibliogr., kolorowe wykr., tab.
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e-book, praca zbiorowa, księga pamiątkowa
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English Studies at the University of Silesia. Forty Years On (całość)

01 Gender Differences in Language Acquisition and Learning

02 Representations of Major Subcategories of LOVE

03 Metaphors of Femininity

04 The Occurrence of Zero-derived Nouns in the English Verbo-nominal "have a N" Construction

05 The Role of Transfer of Learning in Multilingual Instruction and Development

06 Pleonasms in Polish-English Interpreting

07 Slogan as a Corporate Mission Statement

08 Brains "versus" Software: New Possibilities and Limitations of Computer Assisted Historical Studies of English Syntax

09 Some Remarks on the Correctness of Language

10 English Nasal Consonants in the Pronunciation of Polish Learners

11 Czas i rozmowa. Alegorie epistemiczne

12 Forms of Salutations in Polish Student-To-Teacher Electronic Mails

13 Diaries, Observations and FL Teachers’ Creativity

14 Mnemotechnics, "Projection" and Colonial Cartography: Enforcing a Comprehensibility of Strangeness

15 The Traces of Otherness. The Mediterranean Culture in Walter Pater and Zbigniew Herbert

16 Theory’s Other: Reintegrating the New Pragmatism into Literary Studies

17 Tertium non datur? Wildness and Methodology

18 Between Pleasure and Pleasure: Fools and Knaves Making Their Reading Lists

19 The Earth’s Bubbles and Slaughter’s Pencil: "Macbeth" and the Philosophy of Imagination

20 The Yankee in Poland in 1831

21 Liberty and the Art of Walking

22 "Sunny Flocks" and the "Hollow Pit": Blake’s "Book of Thel" and a Question of Sexuality

23 Freedom "versus" Intolerance — Variations on the Theme of Supernatural Wives and Husbands