Fearful Symmetries. Representations of Anxiety in Cultural, Literary and Political Discourses

red. Leszek Drong, red. Jacek Mydla
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Wydawnictwo UŚ
wyczerpany (wersja papierowa)
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246 mm × 171 mm × 22 mm
twarda, tasiemka, szyta, folia matowa, lakier wybiórczy
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PN 3078
streszcz., Zsfg.
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e-book, praca zbiorowa
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Fearful Symmetries. Representations of Anxiety in Cultural, Literary and Political Discourses (całość)

01 Indian Zigzags – the Industrial Monster

02 The Victorian Culture and the Fear of the Talented Woman in George Eliot's "Daniel Deronda"

03 The Renaissance Plus ultra and the Recurrence of Non plus ultra as Reflected in the Poetry of John Donne and John Milton's Epic "Paradise Lost"

04 "To Be Saved by Chaos": "Emancipation" of Self by Mutilation and Perversion. Chuck Palahniuk's "Invisible Monsters" and "Choke"

05 Who's Afraid of the Supermarket: A Study of Andrzej Wójcik's and Ewan Jones-Morris's Semi-documentary "Brand New World"

06 Civilisation, Fear and Trauma in Doris Lessing's Writing

07 Masochism and Its (Dis)contents: The Politics of In-Yer-Face Theatre and Mark Ravenhill's Bodies in Crisis

08 What Else Is Civilization For? Narration Overcoming Fear and Trauma in Graham Swift

09 "Seek and Ye Shall Mind" - Conspiracy Theories and the Mechanisms of Online Exposure

10 Civilization Renewal Project – the Ultimate Solution of Margaret Atwood's "Oryx and Crake"

11 Indulging a Terrorist's Fears: A Critical Evaluation of Theodore Kaczynski's "Industrial Society and Its Future"

12 "The Gently Budding Rose": Greeks and Fear in Teodor Parnicki's Historical Novel The End of "The Concord of Nations"

13 "Fetch Me My Feathers and Amber": Gary Snyder on Civilization and the Primitive

14 Original Sin, Fear and Metaphysical Poetry

15 Gods for the Final Days: Selected Religious Systems Devised by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. and Philip K. Dick

16 Fear of the Inside: Neurology as a Science of Sensation in Victorian Literature

17 The Black Atlantic Zombie: National Schisms and Utopian Diasporas in Edwidge Danticat's "The Dew Breaker"

18 Fears and Fictions of Samuel Beckett

19 Deeper Darkness: Fear of the Dionysian Ultimate in H.P. Lovecraft

20 Mr. Turner's Fears and Fantasies: "The Turner Diaries" and White Fear in America

21 Gender Implications of Literary Representations of Anxieties about Modernisation in Turkey: "Aganta, Burina, Burinata" (1945)