Wieki Stare i Nowe

The yearbook "Wieki Stare i Nowe" (The Old and the New Ages) was first published in 2000 as a periodical of the University of Silesia Institute of History. In 2005 (since Vol. 4) journal was officially rated by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Due to the fact that since Vol. 6 (2009) the numbering of the yearbook had been changed, the sixth volume was issued as Vol. 1 (6).

In "Wieki Stare i Nowe" (The Old and the New Ages) there are published articles (since Vol. 2 (7) also source materials and reviews) concerning general history and the history of Poland from ancient times to the contemporary historic events. The periodical is intended for a wide circle of readers, primarily for the scholarly-didactic workers, doctoral students and undergraduates in history. The historians publishing in it represent various academic centers, both local and foreign.