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Andrzej Pastwa


Deputy editor-in-chief

Józef Budniak



Kinga Karsten, Marek Rembierz  


Head of ecumeny department

Zdzisław Kijas


Head of law department

Piotr Kroczek


Statistical editor

Wojciech Świątkiewicz


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Michelle Adamowski


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Dorota Śliwa


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Agnieszka Gatti



Vol. 1


Paweł Bortkiewicz

Marriage: The Project of Culture or Faith?


Tadeusz Kałużny

Indissolubility of Marriage from the Lutheran Perspective


Marek Petro

Marriage and Family under Tutelage of the Greek Catholic Church in Slovakia


Pavol Dancak

Issue of Acceptance of Teachings on Marriage by the Faithful of Religious

Denominations in Selected Regions of Eastern Slovakia


Jozef Budniak

“Sunday belongs to the Lord and to us” — in Roman Catholic-Lutheran Families


Tomasz Gałkowski

The Matrimonial Covenant as the Nature of Things (of Marriage)


Andrzej Pastwa

Marriage Covenant in Catholic Doctrine: The Pastoral Constitution on the Church Gaudium et Spes — the Apostolic Exhortation Familiaris Consortio— the Code of Canon Law — the Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches


Nicolae V. Dură, Teodosie Petrescu

The Mixed Marriages According to the Orthodox Canonical Legislation (3rd—7th centuries)


František Čitbaj

Situation of Canonical, Mixed Catholic-Orthodox Marriages in Slovakia in

the Historical and Contemporary Context


Damian Němec

On the Concept of the Sacramentality of Marriage in the Czechoslovak Hussite Church


Piotr Kroczek

Marriage in Catholic and Lutheran Approach as a Paradigm for Polish Legislator


Leszek Adamowicz

Free State Declaration of Non-Catholic Persons before Celebrating of Canonical Marriage


Vol. 2


Wojciech Świątkiewicz

The Value‑Oriented

Meaning of the Family and Its Contemporary Transformations


Marian Machinek

The Charter of the Rights of the Family and the Yogyakarta Principles. Two Worlds


Pavol Dancak

Reflection on the Family at the Beginning of the 21st Century


Jozef Budniak

Pastoral Counselling of Multi‑Religious Families Based on Examples from Bielsko‑Żywiec Diocese


Marcin Składanowski

The Cultural, National and Religious Identity of the Inhabitants of the Polish‑Belarusian

Borderland: Historical Experiences as a Factor in Shaping the Contemporary Podlasie Region


Wojciech Góralski

Family as a Sovereign Institution


Tomasz Gałkowski

The Charter of the Rights of the Family in the Context of Theology of Law Institution of the Family according to the Teaching of the Orthodox Church


Piotr Kroczek

The Rights of the Family in the Vision of the Evangelical Church


Damian Němec

Pastoral Vision of the Rights of the Family in the Catholic Church


Lucjan Świto

Legal Protection of the Institutional Value of Marriage


Andrzej Pastwa

The Right to Found a Family and the Right to Parenthood. Remarks on Articles 2 and 3 of the Charter of the Rights of the Family


Urszula Nowicka

The Right to Freedom of Spouse Choice and Religious Upbringing of Children (CRF, Articles 2 and 7)


Elżbieta Szczot

The Right to Work and Family Wage. Some Reflections on Article 10 of the Charter of the Rights of the Family from the Polish Perspective


Małgorzata Tomkiewicz

Protection of the Family in the Family Policy of the State: Legal, Social and Economic Aspects


Cătălina Mititelu, Bogdan Chiriluţă

The Christian Family in the Light of the Nomocanonical Legislation Printed in Romanian Language in the 17th Century


František Čitbaj

Civil Effects of Entering Into Canonical Marriage according to Laws of the Slovak Republic


Leszek Adamowicz

Law and Pastoral Care: Reflections of Three Popes


Vol. 3


Paweł Bortkiewicz

Rights (Claims) of Parents and the Child’s Welfare


Aneta Gawkowska

Children, Common Good, and Society


Helena Hrehova

The Good of the Child — the Good of the Family, the Church and Society


Jacek Kurzępa

Social Determinants of the Significance of a Child in a Micro‑ and Mezosocial Perspective


Stanisława Mielimąka

The Art of Communicating with a Child


Robert Samsel

Roman Catholic‑Anglican Mixed Marriages in Ecumenical Dialogue and Pastoral Practice


Jozef Budniak

Religious Education of Children in Families of Different Confessions


Nicolae V. Dură, † Teodosie Petrescu

Children’s Rights. Provisions of Certain International Conventions


Cătălina Mititelu

The Children’s Rights. Regulations and Rules of International Law


Wojciech Góralski

An Infant in Codex Iuris Canonici


Lucjan Świto

Legal Protection of the Unborn Child


Damian Němec

Protection of Minors in the Current Canon Law


Stanislav Přibyl

The Sacrament of Confirmation: From Being Educated in Faith to Christian Maturity


Tomasz Gałkowski

The Right of the Child to Life and to Preserve His or Her Identity


Andrzej Pastwa

The Right of the Child to be Raised in a Family. Around the Current Issues


Elżbieta Szczot

The Right of the Child to Decent Social Conditions and Education


Leszek Adamowicz

The Right of the Child to Access Information and to Express the Views Freely


Małgorzata Tomkiewicz

Legal Protection of the Child from Violence and the Detention of Minor Foreigners in Poland


Piotr Kroczek

Does the Catholic Vision of the Principle of Subsidiarity Pertain to Polish Family Law?



Vol. 4.


Jan Słomka

Augustine’s Argumentation against Religious Freedom


Jerzy Szymik

Freedom and Christology according to Theologiae Benedictae. Two Concepts, Two Anthropologies, One Logos/Son


Jerzy Sojka

Religious Freedom in the Doctrine of the Evangelical (Lutheran) Church of the Augsburg Confession


Volodymyr Vakin

The Role of Christian Freedom in the Light of the Orthodox Church’s Teachings

in a Secularized Society



Andrzej Halemba

Religious Freedom in the Middle East


Andrzej Pastwa

The Law of the Church — the Law of Freedom


Stanislav Přibyl

Freedom of Conscience in the Code of Canon Law


Piotr Ryguła

Religious Freedom in Spain


Stephan Haering

The Basic Right of the Freedom of Religion in Germany: Constitutional Legal Concept and Current Tendencies


Wilhelm Rees

The Rights to Religious Freedom and Beliefs — Development, Legal Foundations, and Recent Trends in Austria


† Teodosie Petrescu, Bogdan Chiriluţă

Religious Freedom in Romania


Nicolae V. Dură

From the Church Autonomy of the Archbishop Andrei Şaguna to the Autonomy

of the Religious Denominations in the Romanian State: Ecclesiological-Canonical Considerations


Damian Němec

Conscientious Objection in Current Czech Law


Cătălina Mititelu

The Autonomy of Religious Denominations in Romania


Vol. 5


Wojciech Świątkiewicz

Marriage and Family in Life Projects of Contemporary Youth


Stanisława Mielimąka, Michał Mielimąka

The Challenges of Becoming a Woman



Pavol Dancak

The Ethos of Education and the Ethos of Christianity


Jacek Kurzępa

Conditions of an Effective Dialogue with the Contemporary Youth


Aleksander Bańka

Youth and Experience of Living Faith. The Essential Aspects of Path to Christian Maturity


Przemysław Sawa

Is that a Really New Spirituality? Basics and Signs of the Spirituality of the

New Evangelization — the Case of Poland  


Cătălina Mititelu

The “Globalization Era” and the Right of the Church to Preach the Gospel

to All Peoples. Canonical-Juridical Considerations and Assessments


Nicolae V. Dură

The Right to the “Freedom of Conscience”, Legal Basis for the Educational and Missionary Activity of Religious Denominations


Zbigniew Janczewski

The Sacrament of Confirmation as a Call to the Evangelization Directed towards Young People


Damian Němec

Contemporary Youth and the Preparation for Priesthood


Małgorzata Tomkiewicz

Modern Youth vs. Preparation for Family Life. Legal Issues


Monika Menke

Young People at Present and their Preparation for Religious Life


Andrzej Pastwa

Ius connubii Today — Legal and Pastoral Perspective


Lucjan Świto

Resolution in Favour of Marriage — an Oppressive Relic of the Past? The favor matrimonii Principle in Contemporary Law


Stanislav Přibyl

Pastoral Care of Youth in the Czech Republic — Legal Aspects