Przekłady Literatur Słowiańskich

Translations of Slavonic Literatures – the periodical was created at the Institute of Slavonic Philology, the Philological Department of the Silesian University in 2009. It covers issues of artistic translation within the South-Slavonic and West-Slavonic languages, it is seen from theoretical, historically-literary and historically-cultural perspectives. It comprises not only registrationand receptionof translations, also studies concerning: 1. the specificity of translation within closely related languages, 2. translation of one culture into another culture via literature, 3. the role of translation in comparative research. On account of the undertaken two-sidedness of research, the documentary-sociological premise (bibliography of translations of Slavonic literatures into Polish and of Polish literature into Slavonic and their reception) and the critically-interpretational premise (serving theoretical generalizations), the individual volumes are published in two parts. Each volume consists of: problematic and bibliographical parts within the scope of Polish-Slavonic translations (from Polish literature into: Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Macedonian, Serbian, Slovak and Slovenian) and Slavonic-Polish translations (from Slavonic literatures into Polish) and bibliography of translations after 1990 (bibliography comprising the earlier years will be added later). The objective of the publication, the first one of this type within the Slavonic circle (except from the Russian circle), is to bring out differences, similarities and ways of common dialogue between Slavonic cultures, also to develop bases for Slavonic comparative studies. The Slavonic neighbours, despite linguistic relations, very often remain unknown to each other and distant from each other. The authors often introduce a third, non-Slavonic culture within their interests on account of the presence of Slavonic literatures in intercultural communication, conditioned politically, socially, and artistically. The periodical Translations of Slavonic Literatures has developed in co-operation with Polish translations circles (among others Krakówand Poznań) and with foreign centres (Bulgaria, Croatia, The Czech Republic, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia). It is reviewed and has all-Poland scope, it arouses interests in university centres abroad. Each article has two summaries (in English and in the Slavonic language whose literature and culture the text relates to), English and Polish key words.