Cultivating and Forming Regional Traditions by the Visegrad Group Teachers

ed. Beata Pituła, ed. Anna Waligóra-Huk
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PN 3321
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Cultivating and Forming Regional Traditions by the Visegrad Group Teachers (całość)

01 The effects of social coexistence as exemplified by a region in Hungary

02 The school as a place of regional education in a global world

03 Attitudes towards tradition and their consequences — analyses in the scope of theory of upbringing and education, and the history of pedagogical...

04 Further education of upper secondary school teachers in the Czech Republic in the context of forming regional traditions

05 The teacher facing difficulties in cultivating regional traditions

06 Regional education in the pre-primary education as an essential means in children's development

07 The role of folk riddles in children's development

08 Regional culture traditions in the school education content — contribution to ethnopedagogy

09 Teachers on the possibilities of cultivating regional traditions within the eTwinning framework of international collaboration of schools

10 The role of multimedia in cultivating Polish culture and tradition in early school education

11 Regional education as a significant area of preschool educational activities

12 Cultivating regional traditions in preschool and early school education

13 Regional education in kindergarten and the first grade of primary education

14 Cultivation of regional traditions by members of child folklore song and dance ensembles

15 Teachers' participation in cultivating and forming regional traditions (on the basis of the arts workshop conducted by Anna Donder)

16 Cultivation of festivals, holidays, and cultural traditions by preschool teachers from the Siedlce commune

17 Education in Szarvas